China No Criminal Record

When you apply the US green card (or some other countries, for example, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc.) or some other purposes (Teaching or government job hunting, child adoption) they might need you to provide a certificate of NCR (No Criminal Record) or we called PCC (Police Clearance Certificate). If you lived in China before and want a China "Police Clearance".

Our Advantages, Why choose HuaFeng to get China Police Check?

1) You needn't to be in China physically, everything can be done remotely.
2) We could provide this service in different cities, cities you lived before in China (Only: Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou.).
3) Many years' experience in this field.
4) Delivery to you by EMS/FedEx (extra cost).

Paperwork List:

1) Copy of your current passport data page.
2) Copy of your previous passport data page (if it contains previous China visas).
3) Clearly-scanned copies of all the Chinese visas and all the stamps of entry & exit China.
4) Copy of temporary residence registration form (if you are still in China).
5) Name of the school you are studying or had studied before in China.

Normal Service: 17 working days
Express Service: 8 working days

Please let me know the following information before starting the application:

1) Which country will this police clearance be used in? And for what purpose? (Immigration, study, employment, permanent residence etc.)
2) What period of stay in China should the police clearance cover?
3) Which foreign language is required? We use English as the default foreign language.
4) How many duplicate copies do you need?
5) Do you need the police clearance to be dual authenticated by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.C. and your country's embassy in Beijing?

Notice1: If you are HongKong or Macau citizen, please provide your "Home Return Permit" copy + "HongKong/Macau ID card" copy + Your Beijing registration form of temporary residence if you are still working/studing in Beijing; .
Notice2: For foreign passport holder, as a minimum requirement, you need to have at least 1 working or family or study residence permit issued at beijing before.