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About No Criminal Record

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When you apply the US green card (or some other countries, for example, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc.) or some other purposes (Teaching or government job hunting, child adoption) they might need you to provide a certificate of NCR (No Criminal Record) or we called PCC (Police Clearance Certificate). If you lived in China before and want a China "Police Clearance".

Our Advantages, Why choose HuaFeng to get China Police Check?

1) You needn't to be in China physically, everything can be done remotely.
2) We could provide this service in different cities, cities you lived before in China (For example: Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou etc.), we all can help! And we DON'T charge extra cost even you lived in different cities before.
3) Many years' experience in this field.
4) Delivery to you by DHL/FedEx (extra cost).


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